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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is an alternative method of dealing with legal disputes while avoiding going to court. It can often be the most cost efficient method to solving any problem. The most common alternative dispute resolution services are mediation, negotiation and arbitration; here at Ormrods, we are able to help with any of these.

From time to time in life, we can become embroiled in personal disputes which eventually require legal intervention to resolve.

Disagreements can take many different forms, from a building dispute or a property or boundary dispute with a neighbour, to a debt recovery problem, or any type of small, medium or high value claim.

Ormrods Solicitors & Advocates, working together with our network of trusted barristers, have the experience to help you through your personal dispute and achieve the best possible legal outcome.

Whatever the nature of your dispute, our aim is to ensure that we can resolve it for you in the most cost effective and expedient way. This can also mean using approaches such as mediation so that you may not have to go to court.

Taking your case to litigation can bring uncertainty. Depending on the nature of your case and your needs, we put an emphasis on negotiating a settlement on your behalf to help keep your costs down. We will take all the necessary steps, including negotiation, mediation and ‘round table’ meetings. Court action will only be pursued as a last resort or if you are determined to take this route.

If you need to take action against a company, supplier or individual or if you are on the receiving end of a commercial claim or dispute, we can also guide you throughout your case.

There is no charge for your first consultation meeting with us and you might even find the answers you need there and then. To discuss matters further, you can contact us on 01253 850777 or by filling in the form down below.

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